Fundraising in Russia

Russia Assistance provides access to new financing sources for startups, technologies, entrepreneurs and mature companies.

Russia Assistance specializes in fundraising from Russian Venture Capital, Russian Angels, investment centers and Skolkovo Foundation.

Russian Venture Capital investment starts from around 1.5 million $. Companies that wish to choose the VC option need to have POC at least; working business model is an advantage (gross profit), patent considered an advantage.

Russian Angels NABA (National Association of Business Angels over 2000 private angels) with the investments range up to 1 million $ (big groups of Angels consolidate under one manager).

Russian Angels prefer to be called Investors. Most Russian Angels are grouped in investment clubs. The average investment amount ranges between 250K-500K$. The companies that opt for the Angels' path need to have at least an MVP, mile stones, business plan, burn rate and more.

Fundraising from around the globe

Russia Assistance specializes in fundraising from bilateral funds and from R&D international programs from all over the globe such as: Horizon 2020, SME Instrument, EUREKA & Eurostars program, the Israeli Office of the Chief Scientist, as well as fundraising from the American foundation BIRD, Singaporean foundation SIRD, fundraising from the Canadian CIIRDF Fund, from bilateral R&D programs with Japan, China, Latin America and many more. We assist companies seeking to participate in these programs with the application process and may further on Offer Bridge finance to those whose program participation, although approved by the program initiators, still require the matching for the receipt of the grants.

Crowd funding in USA:

Russia assistance offer your company the option to raise money from USA public vs company equity, in order to start the processes the company will need to open a company in USA typically we open them in Delaware, companies can raise from 1 million $ up to tier 1 and 2 for 50 million $.

Fundraising from China

Russia Assistance has recently opened connection to new Chinese VC, this line is suited for companies that have a working product and seek investment.

Portfolio meetings:

The purpose of the meetings is to provide detailed insight for companies at different stages on various fundraising options from Russia and other places all over the world, along with the explanation of the fundraising requirements from different fundraising sources our Company is specializing in, like: Private investors, Venture Capital, grants from government funds (equity free).

We'll discuss the differences between government grants and private investment and their costs, working procedures, fundraising related issues, duration of the fundraising processes etc.

The meeting is held in an open session style, so you are invited to ask questions at any stage of the meeting regarding fundraising in general as well as specific questions as concerns the fundraising for your own Company.

The portfolio meeting is taking place each Monday at 11 Menachem Begin St., Ramat-Gan, Rogovin-Tidhar tower, floor N 12, at 16:30. The meeting duration is 45 minutes.

The portfolio meeting is open up to 8 companies at a time, it's not a private meeting (Note: in case you'd like to have a private meeting for companies from the same Accelerator, the minimum participants' requirement is 4 companies).

You can mingle with other companies and even sometimes find a common ground.

The portfolio meeting doesn’t not require any registration or admission fee, no obligations on your part.

To sign for the portfolio meeting fill in the form and we will send you an invitation (on a free basis).



What are my chances of being accepted to one of the fundraising routes?

Your start-up's Executive Summary shall be reviewed by the members of Russia Assistance Investment Council (who are the industry professionals). We reserve a right to choose the companies we believe have the best chances to raise the funds.

Can I apply for VC option if I don’t have POC?

You can, but it will be harder to achieve funding and might require giving up of more equity along the way.

Do I need a Business Plan in Russian for the VC or Angels?

Usually you don't need it especially at the initial stage. At the later stage upon signing a Term Sheet regarding the investment a VC or Angels may cover the translation expenses.

Do I need to open a Russia-based company to apply for one of the fundraising options in Russia?

Depends on the chosen option. If the Company seeks to raise money from VC, Russian Angels or Investment House then no. In case the Company applied for SK grant program you will need to open a Russian company at later stage or, alternatively, we can provide you with a shelf company to receive the grant money.

What are the Russian Angel's requirements?

Russian Angel's requirements do not differ from those of any other Angel in the world; in exchange for their investment they get the equity according to the Company's value.

How the Russian Angels route works?

At the first stage, we review a submitted by you Executive Summary and once a potential for fundraising in Russia is identified for your Company, we start the process with the Russian Angels.

Can I keep looking for additional funds from other sources?

Yes! You are allowed to raise money from any other source at any stage. Skolkovo Foundation cannot limit you, as to the Angels, financing from other sources can only contribute, as they see it in a very positive way.

How long does it takes to receive a grant?

The grant-receiving process usually takes between 3-6 months from the first application stage (the actual time depends on the entrepreneur and the documents submission pace).

What if the fund didn’t approve the grant?

Such cases are extremely rare but they can happen. Anyhow, we have more fundraising options to offer to your Company.

For how many Companies did you raise money or are in the process of raising now?

Until now Russia Assistance raised funds for more than 12 Russian Companies (partially from grants and partially from Angels) as well as we raised money for 8 Israeli Companies with 20 more Companies being at the advance stages.

Ok sounds good. How do I apply?

Fill your contact information below and we shall get back to you to arrange a meeting at our office, where you can learn more on the fundraising opportunities and get a personal guidance for your Company.

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