The Program

  • Pilot In Russia: 3 months' program resulting in a real and relevant pilot in Russia for the technology.
  • Program Support: Upon a successful Pilot, Jumping Point will assist the ventures to close the first deal with a Pilot Client.

Program Benefits

  • A 3 months' program advances the ventures (up to 5 selected ventures each round) into a viable pilot in Russia, resulting in:
    • Globalization of company’s activity
    • Company's increased valuation
    • Generating real opportunities for raising funds from Russian investors
  • During a 3 months' program the selected ventures will be entitled to:
    • Biz & GTM docs consulting on how to adjust for the Russian market and market validity exploration
    • Pilot exploration in Russia by Program representative
    • Consulting on financing opportunities in Russia (insured finance packages)
    • Mentoring and lectures on doing business in Russia (once in a fortnight)
    • Mentoring on Russian Government Funds & Investment opportunities
    • Introduction to 14 Angel Clubs in Russia via High Tech Center Israel-Russia
    • Investment Pitch Day
  • Launching a Pilot in Russia with a relevant client!

Who can apply to the Program?

  • Companies with a working product (POC deployed);
  • Professional team looking to expand its market;
  • Russian translated executive summary and ppt
  • Preferable industries: FinTech, Cyber, Saas, Tourism, Mobile and Medical (OTC).
  • Preferable B2B/B2G

Program – Enrollment

  • All submitted applications will be subjected to the preliminary examination including Pilot probability check.
  • Selected ventures will be entitled to the program participation including launch of a viable pilot, mentoring and introduction to the funds against the following:
    • Program Participation Fee of 20,000$, out of which an initial fee of 2,000$ shall be paid upon the Program enrollment, with a remaining amount paid only out of actual revenues generated from the sales to the Pilot client;
    • Fee of 5% out of actual revenues generated from the sales to the Pilot client following a successful Pilot.

Partners of the Program

Apply to the Program:

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