New collaboration started with MindCET

Logo:MindCETMindCET is an EdTech innovation center, which brings together entrepreneurs, educators and researchers to develop groundbreaking learning technology in Israel and abroad.
MindCET is an independent body within the Center for Educational Technology (CET). For over 40 years, CET has been the market leader in Israel in technology-based educational solutions, with products in 85% of the country's schools.

New JV started with GVI

Logo:GVIGVI Incubator helps entrepreneurs from the concept formation stage up to product development as the basis for the establishment of start-ups, by providing personal guidance & business consulting, along with technical, marketing and legal support, as well as assistance in building the entrepreneurial team and assistance with MVP product development.

Fundraising event in WeWork

Logo:WeWorkOrganizing a successful fundraiser can be a colossal task, which differs at every stage of the startups:
starting with the idea, MVP, POC, first prototype and through all the fundraising rounds, from Round A to IPO. Depending on the amount we need, at what stage we need it, should we raise money now or after POC, do we need to establish a company to raise funds?
Investment house, "Russia Assistance" will provide an open floor for questions at the "Happy Hour" event that will take place at WeWork in Tel Aviv on July 31, 2016, starting from 8:30 in the morning till 11:30.
"Russia Assistance" will present new markets & investment channels of fundraising for startups and explain in detail the process with the focus on business Angels, VCF and government grants.

Muscovites and visitors who want to take a taxi face much greater danger than just unscrupulous drivers, who increase prices, but also illegal taxi drivers robbing their customers became a nightmare of the innocent passengers.

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"The taxi driver in Moscow had beaten the passenger and robbed from him 1.5 million rubles "