Special thanks and appreciation to Russia Assistance for the valuable legal advice and related legal services provided to our company in Russia.

Bruce Hutchinson, UK

I'd like especially to note the professionalism of the Russia Assistance marketing team. Thank you so much for upgrading my personal connections in Russia and for your assistance with locating distributors for our products on the Russian market.

José Manuel García, Spain

Thank you Russia Assistance for helping our company with the release of the medical equipment from the Russian customs. Without your involvement the complicated bureaucratic process wouldn't be so quick and smooth. We'll surely turn to you again!

Gerhard Richter, Germany

Once we arrived to Russia Assistance' premises in Moscow, we were relieved to discover that the meeting room and facilities were indeed exactly as described on your site. The negotiations with the Russian company were a success, which, as I can see it now, should be none the less attributed to the place and atmosphere in which they were held. Thus our business partners could see that we are truly respectable, global and well based company.

Wojciech Jablonski, Poland